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What are the photo requirements of the Turkish Embassy in China for visa application

Date: 2023-11-01 PageView: 1218

If you want to go to Turkey, you must prepare materials to apply. Even if Turkey is an electronic visa, you need to prepare relevant materials and meet the requirements of the embassy. What are the photo requirements of the Turkish embassy in China for visa application?


We know that e-visa is very important for friends who want to go abroad. They all have to go through it. However, there are many requirements for visa application, but the requirements for photos are relatively simple, as long as they are met:

1. The photos are taken by the applicant recently (within six months) and can truthfully reflect the applicant's recent appearance.

2, the photo size is 2 inches, clear, no creases or stains.

3, the photo is required to be color, the background color is a single white.

Simply put, it is to provide a white 2-inch photo to apply for a visa. In fact, many applicants do not need to provide photos to apply for a Turkish visa and can apply directly. This is still very convenient for applicants, as long as applicants apply according to the following process.

1, enter the official website of Turkey e-visa.

2. Choose the time of arrival in Turkey. The specified date on the electronic visa is the starting date of the visa validity period. You can enter Turkey on any date within the validity period.

3. After completing the form, check it carefully. Otherwise, if it is wrong, the visa fee will be 60 US dollars in vain, and if it is serious, it will not be able to enter the country.

4. If there are no errors, click "Verify" and fill in the email address. The email box receives the confirmation email of the Turkish visa. You need to confirm it before you can enter the payment option. The final payment is successful.

These are the photo requirements for applying for a Turkish visa and the visa processing process that applicants can follow when applying for a visa. The applicant can apply according to the above process or directly submit it to the visa agent to apply for a valid visa.



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