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Philippine visa agency procedures are simple and quick to sign

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No matter we enter the Philippines at any time, we need to apply for a visa, but many people who enter the Philippines for the first time are not clear about the future process of the Philippine visa processing fee. At this time, many people will choose to find a travel agency to handle the visa, so the Philippine visa agency procedures are simple and quick to sign.


Presentation by Philippine Visa Chargé d'affaires

Philippine visas are divided into tourist visas and landing visas. Although they all belong to the 9A travel visa, the situation is different after entering the country. The following is a detailed answer for these two visas.

I. Introduction to 9a Travel Sign: The validity period of 9a Travel Sign is divided into 14 days, 30 days, 59 days, 90 days, 180 days and 5 kinds, which are handled according to the time you want to stay. And we can renew your visa after entering the country. The renewal is handled at the Immigration Bureau of the Philippines. Each renewal can be divided into a single renewal of 1 month, 2 months and 6 months. After the visa is renewed, you can continue to stay in the Philippines legally.

9a travel visa processing materials: 9a travel visa processing materials are: original passport (valid for more than 6 months), photocopies of front and back of ID card (clear and non-reflective), 2-inch white background photos (2). There is no need to fill in a form, no proof of real estate and no bank deposit. We operate everything for you. You just have to wait.

9a travel visa processing cycle: 9a travel visa processing cycle is normal 5-10 working days, urgent can be 1-3 working days. The calculation starts the day after receiving the passport.

Benefits of 9a Travel Sign: 9a Travel Sign is a basic visa for the Philippines. After entering the country, you can transfer to 9G work sign, marriage sign, investment and retirement long-term visa.

Second: introduction to landing visa: landing visa in the Philippines is a pure tourist visa, which is valid for 3 months after it is processed. You can enter the country within 3 months, and it will be invalid if it exceeds 3 months. It is valid for 30 days after entry. Philippine visa on arrival can also be renewed after entering the country, but the renewal fee is more expensive than the 9a travel visa. The renewal cycle is longer. Landing visa is a visa mainly for travel purposes.

Landing visa's handling materials: landing visa's handling materials are: clear and non-reflective photos on the front page of the passport, round-trip air tickets, hotel reservation orders (English version has been paid). After handling, landing visa will be a piece of paper. Two copies of it need to be printed in color before entering the country, and the visa can be presented after entering the country.

The processing cycle of landing visa: the processing cycle of landing visa is the fastest of all visa categories, because there is no need to mail, so only the passport photo is required to process, and the general processing time is 3-5 days. Urgent can be done as soon as 1 working day. The calculation starts the day after receiving the information.

Benefits of landing visa: The advantage of landing visa is that it is convenient and fast, which is very convenient for some customers who are anxious to enter the country. However, no other visa can be transferred after entering the country (if the transfer price is higher), so renewal is relatively troublesome and the time period is longer.

Follow-up operations to enter the Philippines

In addition to the Philippine visa agent, you can also apply for a work visa, marriage certificate, rental, driver's license, various double certifications, registered companies and other businesses after entering the country. Local businesses in the Philippines can solve all kinds of problems you encounter in the Philippines. If you need, you can contact our online customer service. Finally, I wish you all the best and good luck in coming to the Philippines.



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