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Address of Philippine Embassy Building and Photo Introduction

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Now, before leaving the country, many people will learn about all aspects of the Chinese embassy in advance, but there are still many small partners who do not know where the embassy is and can handle those businesses. Then this article will come with us to understand "what is the picture of the specific location building of the Philippine embassy in China".

Detailed English Address of Philippine Embassy

The English address is: 4896 Pasay Road,Dasmarinas Village,Makati City,Metro Manila,Republic of the Philippines (Rear Gate). If you are not familiar with English, it is also possible to go directly to makati JAZZ to makati RCBC. Very close.

Photo of Philippine Embassy Building in China


Philippine Embassy Working Hours

Considering that you can't make a free trip, write down the working hours for your reference. The working hours of the Philippine Embassy in China are from 09:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. every Monday to Friday. The normal working hours are in the morning. The morning is the time for admission, and the afternoon is not open to the public. It is mainly to facilitate the business handled in the morning and to conduct domestic verification in the afternoon. This is a non-epidemic working time. If you only need to apply on the Chinese consul app during the epidemic, you can directly sign on video without going to the embassy after applying. This measure is a favorable measure taken by the embassy to reduce infection as much as possible for Chinese customers during the epidemic. It is also convenient for many Chinese compatriots.

Through the above introduction, I hope to help you understand the specific situation of the embassy. During the epidemic, you need to handle business in advance to avoid delaying your trip. If you need our assistance, you can contact online customer service. I don't need to worry about everything for you. Finally, I wish you good health and success in the Philippines.

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