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2.1 billion wash black! Li laundered money for Philippine online gambling platform, pumped 2.1 million

Date: 2023-11-17 PageView: 11012

According to Taiwan media reports, on November 16, the electric investigation brigade of the Criminal Bureau found that a man surnamed Li was suspected of being serious when investigating a group case of collecting books this year.


During the investigation, it was found that Li not only collected accounts from people, but also handled the entry and exit business for "corebet77", a gambling website in the Philippines, from which 1‰ water money was drawn. At the end of September this year, Li and other six people involved in the case were collected and brought back. Eight pistol bullets were also seized in the accomplice's home. After the whole case was sent to the prosecution for fraud and other crimes, the prosecution ordered the person involved to surrender to bail to 70000 yuan to 150000 yuan.


In July this year, the second team of the criminal bureau's telecommunications investigation brigade tracked down a collection group case and found that the members involved in the case acquired financial accounts from people on the grounds of "operating games" and then delivered them to the fraud group. the group then acquired the accounts for fraudulent remittance. the members of the fraud group's computer room defrauded the victim's money by means of false investment in the communication software LINE.

The whole case by the criminal bureau electric investigation brigade 2 team and the fourth police branch of a total of ad hoc group, reported to the Taichung district attorney's office prosecutors investigation, found a man surnamed Li (27 years old) headed by the collection group, suspected of setting up a stronghold in Taichung city north a commercial building, but also in the name of a third-party payment company, actually engaged in cross-border game transfer water house work, for a Philippine gambling website "corebet77.


After investigation, Li Nan through a large number of Philippine telecommunications door number, registered to obtain the Philippine financial payment platform "GCASH" and "MAYA" account, and then through the SMS receiver, commonly known as "cat pool" to receive a large number of authentication codes, access to gold.


According to preliminary statistics, Li Nan has handled a total amount of more than 2,104,900,000 Philippine pesos (about 1.2 billion NT dollars) since the establishment of the transfer water house transaction. Li suspected that he took the 1‰ of the transaction amount as a handling fee, which is estimated to be 1.2 million yuan.

The whole case was closed in September this year, bringing back six people, including a man surnamed Li, and seized stolen evidence such as 5 computers, 28 working mobile phones involved in the case, 3 groups of text message receivers (cat pools) and 2955 SIM cards of foreign telecom door numbers. After police inquiry, the whole case was transferred to the Taichung District Prosecutor's Office for investigation on the basis of fraud, money laundering and other crimes. After interrogation, prosecutors ordered Li and others to pay insurance ranging from 70000 yuan to 150000 yuan.

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