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Is it possible to refuse a Dubai travel visa?

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Dubai travel visa is likely to be refused, but the probability of refusal is very low, and all refusal is due to refusal, so everyone should not worry too much about refusal, as long as you are reliable, 99.9 of the materials can be signed out without problems. Another 0.1 per cent belong to particularly unlucky people who have been packed with fake passports, but they are very unlikely.


In the following cases, you will definitely be refused a visa:

1. People who already hold other types of visas in Dubai cannot apply for tourist visas.

2. People who have been to Dubai before and have a bad record in the immigration system, such as "stranded".

3. In addition, if the passport is stamped with an Israeli entry stamp, there may be some trouble in entering and leaving Arab countries.

4. Recently, the official passport cannot handle the regular travel visa. (The solution is to have a 14-day visit visa, the price will be higher than the 30-day travel visa, but it can be handled for people with official passports)

5. The applicant's name is too simple, the rate of re-naming is relatively high, and the name on the blacklist of Dubai Immigration Bureau will be refused from the name. Note; (If the name on the guest's blacklist is the same as that on the Dubai Immigration Department, the inconsistent place of birth can be cleared. If even the place of birth is the same, it cannot be cleared.)

Dubai Tourist Visa Note:

1. The electronic signature must be printed out and carried with you before leaving the country. Otherwise, the efficiency of exit will be reduced, but it is not impossible to leave the country and there is no need to worry too much.

2. Dubai's tourist visa has only a single entry, so those who use the tourist visa to visit Dubai and then go to other countries will not be able to return to Dubai because the visa has been canceled.

3, tourist visa can use international driver's license. People with an international driver's license can rent a vehicle with a tourist visa.

4, overdue detention needs to pay a fine according to the number of days. And join the immigration blacklist.

To sum up, applicants must pay more attention to several situations in which Dubai visas will be refused and the precautions for tourist visas.



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